About Consat

Consat was founded in 1986 and is today one of Sweden’s leading privately owned engineering firms. Our group of companies is constantly expanding as demand for our services and products continues to grow.

Thanks to fantastic employees with many years of experience, high competency and creativity, we provide unique technical solutions with both breadth and depth.

Consat has a special position in the market when it comes to implementing cross-functional projects and assignments. We strive to operate in technologies of the future balanced with supporting a large customer base to achieve sustainability and company stability.

Consat AB encompasses five subsidiaries being:

  • Consat Engineering AB, which carry out projects and provide services in product and production development as well as systems and software development,
  • Consat Telematics AB, which develops and provides ITS public transportation systems,
  • Consat Data AB, which works with network and system maintenance,
  • Consat Sustainable Energy Systems AB, which conducts energy efficiency projects in commercial real estate,
  • Consat Innovation Partner that helps our existing and new customers with new types of collaborations, new types of product offerings and innovations.

Our success is built through long-term relationships with our customers. The focus of our work is always to benefit the customer.


Working for a sustainable planet

We all have a responsibility to act for a more sustainable and healthy life on our planet.

Consat started working for sustainability early on and by innovative tech solutions and investments, we are building the Consat Group to make an impact that matters:

  • Efficient transportation
  • Electrification and automation
  • Energy efficiency for buildings and industry processes
  • Green farming and protein production.
  • Biodegradable plastics

For many

passion is a sudden burst of emotion that eventually wanes and disappears.

For Consat

being passionate about technology has been a core part of the company’s DNA since its beginning.

For you

a relationship with Consat is a passion that lasts regardless of whether you are a customer, a partner or an employee.

Our core values


We always strive to be at the forefront of technology and innovation!


In order to solve advanced and complex project deliveries, we need to collaborate with customers, partners and suppliers, something that we at Consat are undoubtedly good at.


For more than 30 years, we have been driven by delivering benefits to our customers based on our genuine passion for technology and our proactive, committed approaches.


For us, it is important to create long-term relationships based on earned and mutual trust. It also states that we are clear about what our strengths and weaknesses are.


We care about our employees and how we treat each other. We believe in the individuals, and in the interactions between people.



As long as there are customers with exciting challenges, there will be a need for Consat! We learn from each other every day!