Geiser™ Greywater Heat Exchanger

There are large amounts of energy to be extracted from greywater, especially from shower water which has high value both in temperature and degree of dirt.

We scanned the world market and have found the greywater heat exchanger with the best efficiency. We got the agency, but realized that the product could be even better – so we developed our own solution, the Geiser™ Greywater Heat Exchanger.

With Geiser ™ we achieve:

  • Even higher stable temperature efficiency of up to 70% at equal flows.
  • Built-in energy quantity measurement. How else can our customers follow up on what we promised?
  • Adjustable pressure drop across the Geyser. This is because some municipalities have low network pressure in the cold water.
  • Simplified installation through space-efficient design. Geiser™ needs 0.5 m2 and a minimum ceiling height of 1.9 m.
  • Geiser™ complies with recommendations according to EN 1717.
  • Easier inspection. Multiple access points for service.
  • Easier maintenance. Backwash valve and simplified access for internal cleaning.
  • Can handle aggressive substances in the greywater, such as chlorine.
  • Geiser™ can heat exchange water that contains hair loss, skin and soap residues without the need for frequent maintenance.

Our greywater heat exchanger can be used in shower areas, swimming pools, hospitals, hotels and laundries and more.

“We are incredibly proud that we have reached an efficiency of 70% at equal flows”