A new telematics order in Mexico City

Consat is proud to announce that we have secured a new telematics order in Mexico City for a Second BRT line running through the whole city. Success of the first BRT line in Mexico city transporting around 275 000 passenger per day with advantages of lower fuel consumption as well as improving emission control was the key factor for Metrobus authorities in Mexico City to decide for starting the second BRT line. Our ITS4Mobility system will be factory installed on new Volvo buses as well as retrofitted on the already existing buses benefiting the new line for running smoothly through the town with a specific time adherence between each 2 buses along the BRT line.

For detail information about ITS4Mobility, please visit our website www.consat.se

For any further information, please contact:
Mr. Shahriar Ravari
+1 858 720 1732.

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