Pilot in Brisbane Australia

Brisbane bus

Due to our strong electrification product portfolio we are very well positioned in the transition towards electrified public transportation, a transition that actually goes much faster than anyone expected just one or two years back. In Brisbane, Australia, our system is part of a pilot for rolling out electric buses. A journey we are very … Läs mer

Consat välkomnar Chalmersstudenter

Under en blöt men glad förmiddag genomfördes mottagningen på Chalmers för respektive sektion. Consat sponsrade som vanligt T-shirtar till studenterna, tryggt burna under regnkläderna. Välkomna, det ska bli kul att följa er resa!

Consat Telematics delivers four new contracts

Consat Telematics has been keeping busy! 👇 We are now providing traffic information to passengers on the buses running in the city of Jönköping, a project well executed by our teams and PM Filip Stekovic, extra fun is that it’s Filips home town! 😊 Our project managers Amir Skangic and Emma Vidén have been busy managing three new contracts in … Läs mer