Please join us in welcoming Arnoud Brouwer

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Please join us in welcoming Arnoud Brouwer, head of European sales for Consat Telematics AB. We are very excited about starting up offices in the Netherlands with focus on the European market.

Read more about Arnoud and his plans for Consat!

1.Tell us little bit about yourself!

My name is Arnoud Brouwer (49) living in Hilversum, The Netherlands. I have a strong background in international sales, business development and management of software solutions and services. The past 10 years I have been active in the public transport market predominantly in retail point of sale solutions, mobile ticketing, automatic fare collection (AFC) and CAD/AVL aka ITCS.

2. Why did you chose to come and work for Consat?

The functionality and the number of available interfaces to import and export data the Consat system offers really impressed me when I got a demo the first time. The way Consat is developing their software is unique in the CAD/AVL market. With a sprint interval of 3 weeks the system is continuously enhanced with new features selected from the backlog. This allows us to present and discuss new functionality with customers regularly. The major reason I chose to work for Consat is their customer centric focus. Another important reason is the company culture. From all the conversations I had with Consat management and employees it showed transparency, responsibility, customer first and work as a team. I also share these values, so this immediately gave me a good feeling.  

3. What are your plans for Consat in Europe?

My home base will be in The Netherlands where the European office will be located. I will use my network to contact PTOs and authorities across Europe. There are some big European operators who can benefit from a PAN European approach standardizing on one vehicle system. ITxPT already is a major step in standardization of public transport vehicles but most countries also have their specific regulations, requirements and interfaces. After mapping the market specific requirements to the Consat system we can identify the gaps and make a plan to enter a market. Besides the PTOs I will also focus on developing direct business with bus builders.

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