As society evolves, higher demands are placed on us engineers. Disciplines are cross-fertilized and a dynamic approach is required to be able to create an equally dynamic society, which  is exactly where we are headed.

About Consat Engineering

We have extensive experience, fantastic employees with a high level competency and creativity that develop unique technical solutions with both breadth and depth.

Consat has long and successful experience when it comes to implementing cross-functional projects and assignments.

We operate in Industry, IT, Energy, Life Science, Vehicles, Automation, Industry 4.0, IoT and others. and Independently or in collaboration with our networks, we achieve results with enthusiasm and creative joy.

Our customers value our skill in product and production development. We offer everything from individual engineering and specialist services on a consulting basis, to comprehensive pre-studies and tailor-made project deliveries produced in our own workshops.

Whether you are a customer or an employee, you will experience the lively and creative collaboration between the various technology areas as a great asset to your own or your company’s future, dynamic development.


Many of our projects are about sustainable environments, such as water purification, efficient energy use,  efficient and environmentally friendly production, alternative energy sources, smart products, circular thinking and more.


We have a passion for technology and the desire to develop together with our employees and customers. Because we care about our environment and the survival of future generations, we are happy to work with innovative technologies that results in a minimal environmental footprint.


We focus on our in-house business where we operate both in one-man projects, and in large teams working across technology boundaries. We encourage our own initiative and support our employees in their creative inspiration.

Fun fact

Before the filming of the new James Bond movie Casino Royale with Daniel Craig as James Bond, Consat was given the prestigious assignment to deliver a telematics system to Aston Martin, featured in the film, which in turn has produced several cars of the new DBS model.